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My Photography
Canada, Australia, New Zealand
Muskoka - Bracebridge Bay and Sunsets/Atmosphere
Muskoka - Blossoms
The Muskoka Gallery (more)

My Paintings

Children's Book Drawings, Extras

at Lulu - Namora Artista TM
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My Websites:
The Amateur Gallery - Photo Contests - Offers CASH PRIZE photo contests, personalized gallery pages, and help global society by contributing!

Yippets! Directory - Get your site shown on our quality linked website!
**help global society at the same time

Member of
Visit, a national directory of Canadian artists and art resources

Even though I have a BSc (from the University of Waterloo), my main passion has always been ever-present with the arts - it's my happy place! :)
  As a freelance artist, my skills and experience are with painting (acrylic, water colour), drawing (ink, pencil crayon), photography, and creative writing.
  Most of artwork is nature-based and has an impressionistic, youthful look.  My favourite subjects to depict are beautiful landscapes and furry mammals. :)  Although I can do still life and abstract.
  I'm fond of warm, bright tones on my artwork. And while I do strive for realism, I also try to evoke emotion.  I would say there is a certain whimsical aspect to my art. :)
  I believe it is the artist's role to show the beauty on this precious earth of ours, to portray nature at its best.
  Have a look through my website and you're certain to find a basket of good stuff!  Appealing wall decor, posters, note cards, notebooks, even novelty puzzles and tote bags possibilities!  Hire me to do tailor-made paintings too! :)

A pretty plethora of options awaits.  Let me create something remarkably beautiful for you! :)

Photography and Photographers
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